Inscribed with lyrics from Israeli singer Idan Raichel’s song "Before It Ends,” this delicate gold-filled bracelet is a reminder to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. 
Wear this subtle piece every day and soak up the inspiration it offers. 

The engraving (in Hebrew) reads:

"Get up every morning, Go out into the world, Try everything before it all ends."

*On the backside of the bracelet, you can customize up to 20 characters at no cost*

✦ Gold-filled does not turn black or wear off.
✧ Unlike, Gold plating, The layer of gold will not be affected by contact with water because the gold in gold filled is mechanically bonded to the base metal.
✦ Bar sizes: approx. 1.82" x 0.2" (50mm x 7mm).

Each piece arrives packaged in a decorative box with a gift bag.
In the box, I include a card that tells you the Idan Raichel song and album that the verses come from.

69 $
* You can add backside inscription - up to 20 characters
Shipments from Israel to all over the world
Collections Women's Jewelry, Personalized engraving, Idan Raichel songs, Judaica Jewelry, SALE,
Catalog Number GKB004A
Material Gold-filled,
Warranty 12 Months
Type of gems Pearl,
  •  "Before it all ends" - "At the Edge of the beginning" 
  • Be not afraid to fall in love
  • That the heart will break
  • Be not afraid to lose along the way
  • To get up every morning
  • And to go out into the world
  • And to try everything before it all ends
  • To search from whence we came
  • And in the end always to return to the beginning
  • To find yet more beauty in everything
  • And to dance until overcome by exhaustion
  • Or love
  • Of all the moments in time
  • To find one to hold onto
  • To say that we have arrived
  • Always to remember to stop for a moment
  • To give thanks for what we have, and from whence we came
  • To hug her at night
  • When she falls asleep
  • Then the whole world calms down
  • To breathe her in deeply
  • To know that always
  • I will be there for her