This Unisex Silver Bracelet with Engraved Hebrew Verses for Success and Prosperityโ€”a meaningful and elegant accessory that transcends style to embody a profound message of empowerment.

Engraved with Verse 17 from Psalm 90, this piece features a powerful Hebrew prayer that resonates with the aspirations for success and divine favor. The prayer beautifully expresses:

The timeless design and versatile nature of this unisex bracelet make it an ideal gift for a variety of occasions, from graduations and career milestones to birthdays and spiritual celebrations. 

- Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver.
- Scrolled charm sizes: 0.19" x 0.78" (5 x 20mm).
- Chain width: 0.1" (2.5 mm).

Each piece arrives packaged in a decorative box with a gift bag. 
In the box, I include a card that explains the meaning of engraving or embossing.

109 $
* Instead of the Hebrew engraving, you can choose your own inscription - up to 100 characters
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Catalog Number CDV-8310
Material 925 Sterling ,
Warranty 12 Months
Type of gems
โ€˜In the Name of God, We Will Do and Succeedโ€™

This phrase is not a direct quote from any specific source but rather a sentiment that expresses a strong connection to God or the power of creation. It suggests a deep faith in the idea that we are not alone and that by working in partnership with the divine, we can succeed in all we do.
The phrase implies a sense of cooperation and partnership between the individual and God or the power of creation. By acting on this shared consciousness, the individual can tap into a higher source of energy and inspiration, enabling them to succeed and achieve their goals. 
While this expression may not be found in any specific religious or spiritual text, it embodies a powerful thought that reflects the belief that we are all connected to a higher power and that by working together with this power, we can achieve great things. 

โ€˜May the Favor of the Lord our God Rest on Us. Establish the Work of our Hands for Us. Establish the work of our Handsโ€™ -  Psalm 90:17
Psalm 90:17 is a powerful prayer acknowledging our dependence on God for success and guidance in our endeavors. The verse recognizes that our efforts alone are not enough to ensure success and that we need the favor and support of God to achieve our goals.
By asking God to establish the work of our hands, the prayer acknowledges that success is not only the result of our efforts but also the result of divine intervention and guidance. This sentiment encourages us to approach our work with humility and a willingness to seek guidance and support from a higher power.
Overall, Psalm 90:17 is a reminder that we are not alone in our pursuits and that by seeking the favor and guidance of God, we can achieve great things and live a life of purpose and meaning.