This adjustable statement ring features one of the Kabbalah names of God, which is meant for those looking for certainty in their lives. 

The combination ע.ר.י from the 72 names of G-d connects to the energy of Absolute Certainty

Certainty is not just confidence that we'll get what we want. Certainty means recognizing that we are already getting what we need for spiritual growth.

In difficult times, we have doubts, and we point an accusing finger at everything. The moment we awaken the force of certainty, these feelings fade away.

In every area of life, the duration of chaos and pain is always directly proportional to our own degree of uncertainty of responsibility.

"I'll believe it when I see it" must be replaced by "I'll see it when I believe it."

- Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver.
- Ring size: Approx. 0.7" x 0.09" (18mm x 2.2mm).

Each of my pieces comes packaged in a decorative box with a gift bag. 
In the box, I include a card that explains the meaning of what is engraved or embossed on the piece.

99 $
Shipments from Israel to all over the world
Collections Kabbalah Jewelry, Women's Jewelry, Judaica Jewelry, SALE,
Catalog Number CDV-3944
Material 925 Sterling ,
Warranty 12 Months
Type of gems
  • 72 names of G-d 
  • In the Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism, the names of the Divinity appear in seventy-two different three-letter combinations.
  • According to the Kabbalah, these letters hold the key to the channels of powerful energy in the universe. Each combination of letters has its unique qualities, representing a connection to a specific positive energy.
  • The clandestine experts who studied the Book of Zohar say that anyone can connect to those same cosmic energy channels and control their virtues by glancing at the letters. Kabbalah teaches that each person carries Divinity within, and when we connect to our inner powers, we can work miracles. These letters are implements to be used towards that endeavor.