This Adjustable Silver Ring is a unique and meaningful piece engraved with the powerful Hebrew words 'Am Israel Chai,' complemented by a delicate hanging Star of David
This distinctive ring is not just an accessory; it's a statement of pride, resilience, and the enduring spirit of the Jewish people.
The prominent engraving, 'Am Israel Chai,' translates to "The Nation of Israel Lives." 
This phrase holds deep cultural and historical significance, symbolizing the strength and vitality of the Jewish community.
Adding a small, intricately designed Star of David hanging from the ring adds a touch of elegance and spirituality.
This ring is adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for anyone who wears it. 

- Metal type: 925 Sterling Silver.
- Ring sizes: 0.2" x 0.35" (5 x 9 mm).
99 $
* You can add an inner inscription - up to 20 characters
Shipments from Israel to all over the world
Collections Women's Jewelry, Men's Jewelry, Personalized engraving, Judaica Jewelry, Protection and Success,
Catalog Number CDV-8371
Material 925 Sterling ,
Warranty 12 Months
Type of gems

Star of David
According to Kabbalah, the Star of David, which is composed of two triangles, represents the opposites within human beings. It symbolizes the duality of good versus evil, spiritual versus material, and more.

The two triangles point in opposite directions. The upward-pointing triangle represents the good deeds in the world that lead to the Garden of Eden, while the downward-pointing triangle represents the return to the material world. The Star of David assists in finding a balance between the heavens and the earth, between the spiritual and the material, and grants a sense of protection.

King David
The Star of David has been mentioned as a Jewish symbol throughout history and Jewish tradition. In the Babylonian Talmud, the Star of David is referred to as a representation of God: "Blessed are you, Lord, Shield of David." King David used the Star of David on his battle shield as a symbol of divine protection.