This sterling silver ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a spiritual and meaningful symbol of love and devotion. 
Engraved with the Woman of Valor (Eshet Chayil) psalm, this ring serves as a reminder of the beauty and strength of the ideal woman.

The psalm is a tribute to a beloved wife and a source of inspiration for all women. 
It celebrates the noble qualities of strength, wisdom, and compassion essential for a fulfilling and meaningful life. 
As such, this ring is a romantic gift and a powerful statement of appreciation and respect for the women in our lives.

Beyond its symbolic value, this ring is also a stunning piece of jewelry. 
The intricate engraving and high-quality sterling silver make it a timeless and elegant accessory that can be worn daily or on special occasions. 
It's a beautiful way to honor a rich spiritual heritage's values and traditions while embracing modern aesthetics.

- Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver 
- Bottom ring width: Approx. 0.3" (7.6 mm)
- Upper ring width: Approx. 0.45" (11.6 mm)

Each of my pieces comes packaged in a decorative box with a gift bag. 
In the box, I include a card that explains the meaning of what is engraved or embossed on the piece.

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Catalog Number SKR011A-2267
Material 925 Sterling ,
Warranty 12 Months
Type of gems

Woman of Valor Proverbs 31 10-31

Eshet Chayil (A Woman of Valor) is a psalm of praise for the ideal woman.
The psalm concludes the Book of Proverbs, written by King Solomon.
The husband sings this psalm to his wife in tribute and love on Sabbath Eve, Queen Sabbath.
Every word in the psalm expresses respect, appreciation, and love toward the wife held dear.
The psalm is written as an acrostic – when read in succession, the first letter in verse creates the entire Hebrew alphabet from the letter 'Aleph' to 'Taf.'
The psalm is sung as the perfect love song from A to Z.
According to the Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters of the Holy language are codes from higher worlds.
It is a powerful psalm through which the frequency of the song, sung on Friday night (Sabbath Eve), raises the soul's frequency.