This captivating, multiband, gold-filled ring features a stunning pink ruby and a beautiful Hebrew engraving of the Jewish Psalm Woman of Valor (Eshet Chayil.) 

With the ruby representing passion and the psalm a romantic verse from Husband to wife on Sabbath eve, this piece makes for a meaningful anniversary gift, engagement, or promise ring.

The psalm is also fittingly an acrostic – every first letter in verse creates the entire Hebrew alphabet from the letter 'Aleph' to 'Tav,’ representing a continuity of love.
The ring can be personalized on the inside with a customized engraving of your choice (30 characters) at no extra cost.

✦ Metal Type: Gold-filled. It does not turn black or wear off.
❖ Unlike Gold plating, The layer of gold will not be affected by contact with water because the gold in gold filled is mechanically bonded to the base metal.
✦ Gemstone Type: Ruby.
✦ The top of the ring is wider than the bottom part. 
✦ Bottom ring width: Approx. 0.44" (13 mm).
✦ Upper ring width: Approx. 0.65" (16 mm).

Each piece arrives packaged in a decorative box with a gift bag. 
In the box, I include a card explaining the origin of the engravement on your jewelry piece(s). 

219 $
* You can add an inner inscription - up to 30 characters
Shipments from Israel to all over the world
Collections Women's Jewelry, Personalized engraving, Eshet Chayil Collection, Love Jewelry,
Catalog Number CDV-4312
Material Gold-filled, Gemstones,
Warranty 12 Months
Type of gems Ruby,
  • Eshet Chayil (A Woman of Valor) is a psalm of praise for the ideal woman.
  • The psalm concludes the Book of Proverbs, written by King Solomon.
  • The husband sings this psalm to his wife on Sabbath Eve, Queen Sabbath, in tribute and love.
  • Every word in the psalm expresses respect, appreciation, and love towards the wife held dear.
  • The psalm is written as an acrostic – every first letter in verse, when read in succession, creates the entire Hebrew alphabet from the letter ‘Aleph’ to ‘Tav.’
  • The psalm is sung as the perfect love song from A to Z.
  • According to the Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters of the holy language code from higher worlds.
  • It is a powerful psalm, through which the frequency of the song, sung on Friday night (Sabbath Eve), raises high the frequency of the soul.

  • The Ruby was one of the Hoshen gems and was called "Odem.”
  • Provides vigor, courage, vitality, strength, and energy.
  • A gem for happiness that maintains relationships.
  • Leads to economic stability.
  • A fertility stone.
  • Talisman of passion.