Gold-filled ring. The big word on top of is PEACE in Hebrew (Shalom).
The engraving inside the word is of the Psalm "Mi A'yish."
Inside the word peace (Shalom in Hebrew), engraved the entire Psalm in Hebrew letters.

"Who is the man who desires life, 
And loves days, to see good (in them)?
Guard your tongue, and don't speak evil, 
And your lips from speaking deception.
Turn away from sin and do good, 
Seek peace and pursue it."

Spiritual and powerful value gift.
Get this ring to the one you love, and it will be cherished forever.

✦ Metal Type: Gold-filled. It does not turn black or wear off.
✦  Upper and bottom measurements 0.67" x 0.43" (17 mm x 11 mm)

🎁  Each of my pieces comes packaged in a decorative box with a gift bag. 
In the box, I include a card that explains the meaning of what is engraved on the jewelry.
139 $
Shipments from Israel to all over the world
Collections Women's Jewelry, Men's Jewelry, Judaica Jewelry,
Catalog Number CDV-4348
Material Gold-filled,
Warranty 12 Months
Type of gems
  • Psalm 34:12
  • Mi ha'ish Hachafetz chayim  - Who is the man who desires life
  • Ohev yamim Lir'ot tov - Who loves all his days to see good
  • Netzor leshoncha meira - Guard your tongue from evil
  • Us'fatecha midaber mirma - And your lips from speaking deceit
  • Sur meira Va'asei tov - Turn away from bad and do good
  • Bakesh shalom Verodfeihu - Seek peace and pursue it
  • Part of a very powerful psalm in Psalm 34, deals with faith without doubt in the force that created us, with knowledge of creation in all of our being.
  • A concise prayer which holds the secret to a good and beneficial life.
    Energy of love for ourselves and others, to see the good in all, and especially in that person that it is difficult to find the good in. 
  • We should not gossip, we should say no evil about anyone.
  • Always think positive, feel positive, and do positive actions.
  • When we act according to this philosophy, we experience cooperation with the energy of creation.