This gorgeous Onyx bracelet is the perfect combination of fashion and spirituality.

This stunning piece is designed with an engraving of the powerful psalm "Ana Bekoach," believed to be a powerful tool for spiritual communication. 
The onyx stone, believed to be one of the Hoshen stones, is known for its protective properties that will help you stay focused and determined in achieving your life goals. 

Wear this bracelet as a reminder to stay strong and determined amidst all the challenges in life.

- Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver
- Gemstone: 6 mm Onyx.
- The scroll charm sizes are approx: 0.28" x 1.34" (7 x 34 mm).
- Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver
- Gemstone: 6 mm Onyx.
- The scroll charm sizes are approx: 0.28" x 1.34" (7 x 34 mm).

Each piece arrives packaged in a decorative box and card explaining the origin of the engravement on your jewelry piece(s).



189 $
* Instead of the Hebrew engraving, you can choose your own inscription - up to 200 characters
Shipments from Israel to all over the world
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Catalog Number CDV-6934
Material 925 Sterling , Gemstones,
Type of gems Onyx,
" Ana BeKoach"

"With your great power, release the bonds of exile from your people. 
Receive our prayer, the prayer of your people. Elevate and purify us, great one. 
Please, o, mighty one. Keep us safe, protect us from harm, and save us. 
Bless us, give us strength with your grace, reward us, and have mercy on us. 
O great one with your powers, guide your congregation with kindness. 
Superior, the one and only, come back to your people, people who worship you, and remember your holiness. 
Accept our plea and hear our bitter cry. You, the one who knows the accurate hidden way".
The prayer was written by the Kabalistic rabbi Rabbi Nehonia in the first century. 

The prayer, which consists of seven lines with six words per line, is also known as "Ana BeCoach" or "Ana B'Koach." 
If you take the initial letter of every word, you'll end up with a 42-character name that, according to Kabbalists, represents the entire essence of everything that exists. 
The name of God is included in the string of 42 letters.
Since the Kabbalah is about helping individuals become their best selves and filling them with goodwill and a desire to help others, the "Ana BeKoach" prayer is crucial. Furthermore, it is a prayer that gives one the power to resist the negative influences in his life without letting them corrupt his spirit. 
Even if one's battle doesn't turn out how he hoped, the same prayer can help him reclaim control of his life and begin again.