My raw materials

My raw materials
My raw materials

  • Gold-filled is a layer of gold applied to a brass base. Gold-filled can be treated like any other gold jewelry.
    The outer layer, the layer that comes in contact with your skin, is 14 karat gold and the inside, under layer, is brass.
    The amount of gold in gold-filled jewelry is 5% of the total weight of the piece.
    The layer of gold is quite thick and, therefore, will not peel or come off from contact with water. That is why I choose to use gold-filled to make my jewelry.
    My gold-filled is made according to American standards.
    The rings are not scratch-resistant; therefore, they should be removed when using abrasives.
    925 Sterling silver

    14K bonded to sterling silver. 
    Gold makes up 30% of the material

    14 Karat & 18 Karat
    Gold plating
    In some of the larger pieces, I have used gold plating to keep the cost down ( the actual gold in the gold-filled pieces is 5% of the weight of the piece ).  
    I tend to use gold plating in large pendants because they usually do not come in direct contact with skin that often ( perspiration and body chemistry can effect the plating ).
    Therefore the chances of the plating coming off are minimal.
    Leather - My leather is produced uniquely. it is two-sided and of high quality
    Gemstones - My Gemstones - For the past 20 years, I have imported very high-quality natural gemstones, which I put in my jewelry.
    Each item undergoes strict quality control.
    My jewelry has a standard label manufactured in Israel.