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My Jewelry With The Lyrics Of Idan Raichel / Ravit's Story

How did it all start?

My Jewelry With The Lyrics Of Idan Raichel



The engraving of the lyrics of Idan on my jewelry started from listening to my intuition.

When I began engraving on my jewelry and listening to songs like: 
"How beautiful you always are and how much today" or:" I how I am moved by both your eyes that burn me like a flame in the fire," 
I said to myself that these types of lyrics are what I wish to engrave.

Generally, when I started making jewelry with texts, I wanted to do the engraving myself instead of other graphic designers making them for me…

This was because I felt a certain detachment from my jewelry, and I understood that I must go and study Illustrator and Photoshop and upgrade my ability in this field to retain my independence and intimacy with my work…
I started to learn at the Open University and drove home in the evening while listening to Idan Raichel's songs…

I loved driving and listening to songs like "At night."

One evening while driving and listening to this song, I understood what I already knew.
"If you listen, the heart will answer…." as the song says...

I felt that I had to make this connection and reach out to him.

I went to a close friend and told her about my idea of engraving lyrics of Idan's songs on my jewelry...

"Write him a letter," She said casually, "I will make sure that he will receive it."

Wowwwwww... "What to write?" I asked myself... "From where to begin..?"

After a few days, I decided to begin by writing about myself...

That's what I wrote:

Since I was little, I have always heeded the whispers of my heart and have chosen to be in those places that elicit happiness.
I have undergone many incarnations of creativity.
Through each period, they served as a mirror of life, and with the help of inner awareness, I was able to turn every difficulty into a springboard.
To me, the connection to a higher power is natural and undeniable. I've always felt like a puppet whose strings are being guided by something greater than me.
When my army service was over, I began my travels around the world. During these travels, I found the alchemist in me, and with every stage, my dreams turned into reality. This seemed completely natural, yet through my environment, I understood that it is not something to be taken for granted.
Today, I understand that is the unwavering faith that has led me to each achievement.
Dream a reality – because every one of us can turn a dream into reality.
When I design a piece of jewelry, I turn it into a reminder of all the things we can do in collaboration with the magic of the universe.
Today, I apply my life motto to all of my jewelry out of the attitude that everything is possible and everything is for the best. Abracadabra – "Evarehkiedabreh" ("I shall create that of which I speak") – I create the reality of my life.
I've been living in a world of jewelry and precious stones for the past 20 years. I design jewelry pieces for sale in Israel and export.

When I listen and your songs, I feel the caress and "being natural" and easy in creating.
The same thing I feel in my creativity, and if something appears to be first in collaborating – it is you.
I am sure that all those who enjoy listening to you – will enjoy "wearing" your caressing lyrics as their jewelry.
For example, it is impressive how instead of the verse "woman of valor," I can inscribe "How beautiful you always are and how much today," and there are further examples.

It seems to be more than beneficial for us to meet. 
Included in this Email are five unique images of my jewelry so you can have a sense of my meaning.
Sincerely Ravit".

After two months, I received a positive response...

Ok, listen... 
For two whole days, I couldn't stop crying from excitement and joy...
I felt like I was flying in the air...

The dream becoming a reality in my eyes is really to visualize it and see it fulfilled...

One's dreams don't always come true because we are built from disappointments…

The bottom line is that everything is for the best and what has to happen happens…
Indeed in this instance, it happened, and I received a positive response…

I had the privilege to instruct my daughters that you must always listen to your heart.

I had the privilege to use the intelligent lyrics of Idan Raichel.
Daily as I work with his songs on my jewelry, I understand how powerful they are and how much positive holiness, respect, love of the world, optimism, and more and more.

Idan Raichel's lyrics reflect everything that speaks to me.

Don't stop dreaming of something to happen... From experience. The maximum you will succeed...

My Jewelry With The Lyrics Of Idan Raichel