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My story / Ravit story

My life’s journey has led me to jewelry design. When I am creating my art, it is clear to me that I am fulfilling my destiny.

My story

  • Since I was little, I have always heeded the whispers of my heart, and have chosen to be in those places that elicit happiness.
  • I have undergone many incarnations of creativity…
  • Through each period they served as a mirror of life, and with the helpof inner awareness I was able to turn every difficulty into a springboard.
  • To me, the connection to a higher power is natural and undeniable. I’ve always felt like a puppet whose strings are being guided by something greater than me.
  • When my army service was over I began my travels around the world. During these travels, I found the alchemist in me, and with every stage my dreams turned into reality. To me this seemed completely natural, yet through my environment I understood that it is not at all something to be taken for granted.
  • Today, I understand that is my unwavering faith that has led me to each achievement.
  • Dream a reality – because every one of us can turn a dream into reality.
  • When I design a piece of jewelry, I turn it into a reminder of all the things we are capable of doing in collaboration with the magic of the universe.
  • Today, I apply my life motto to all of my jewelry out of the attitude that everything is possible, and everything is for the best. Abracadabra – "Evarehkiedabreh” ("I shall create that of which I speak”) – I create the reality of my life.
  • I’ve been living in the world of jewelry and precious stones for the past 20 years. I design jewelry pieces forsale in Israel and for export.

My story
דואר אלקטרוני