This distinctive gold-filled necklace is meticulously designed to be a source of healing.

The pendant bears the engraved prayer "El Na Refa Na La," translating to 'Please God, heal her.'

This poignant invocation holds the weight of divine healing and protection, serving as the first healing prayer in the Bible.
Its spiritual significance transcends time, reminding us of the enduring power of faith and prayer.

Embrace the extraordinary healing properties of the amethyst gemstone gracefully incorporated into the necklace. This natural amethyst complements the pendant's spiritual essence with its soothing violet hues.

- Gemstone Type: Natural Amethyst.
- Metal Type: Gold-filled.
- Pendant size: 0.4" x 0.75" (10 mm x 19 mm).
- Adjustable chain - length: 23" (60 cm).

129 $
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Catalog Number GKN022A
Material Gold-filled, Gemstones,
Warranty 12 Months
Type of gems Amethyst,
'El Na Refa Na La’ - Please God, Heal Her - Numbers 12:13

The engraved prayer, ‘El Na Refa Na La,’ which translates to ‘please God, heal her,’ is a poignant invocation of divine healing and protection.
As the first healing prayer in the Bible, it carries a weight of spiritual significance that transcends time and serves as a reminder of the eternal power of faith and prayer.
Moses spoke the prayer itself as his sister Miriam lay dying, a testament to the timeless human need for healing and comfort in times of distress.

This prayer has been used in meditative practice for centuries to seek divine assistance and guidance during illness and struggle.