This mesmerizing Gold-filled necklace is adorned with a captivating gemstone known as Moss Agate. Nestled within its elegant frame, this calming and balancing stone radiates soothing energy, inviting harmony and equilibrium into your life. 
The pendant bears engravings steeped in the ancient traditions of Kabbalah and Judaism, 'Alef.Lamed.Dalet ben Porat Yosef.'

This remarkable necklace offers more than just aesthetic beauty. Its engravings harness the power of protection from the malevolent influence of the evil eye.
According to Kabbalistic teachings, אלד serves as an invincible weapon, enabling us to combat our harmful gaze and that of others

A prominent inscription featured on this enchanting necklace is "Ben Porat Yosef" (Genesis 49)
This profound verse represents the ancient blessing bestowed upon Yosef by his father, Jacob, before his passing. Yosef, known for his imperviousness to the effects of Ayin Hara (the Evil Eye), is a timeless embodiment of protection. His remarkable ability to perceive the world through a positive lens and exhibit kindness and compassion, even in challenging circumstances, provides an invaluable lesson in warding off negativity.

- Pendant size approximately: 36 x 24 mm (0.94" x 1.42").
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Catalog Number GDN001B
Material Gold-filled, Gemstones,
Warranty 12 Months
Type of gems Moss Agate,
The Seventy-Two Names of G-d
In the Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism, the names of the Divinity appear in seventy-two different three-letter combinations.
According to the Kabbalah, these letters hold the key to the channels of powerful energy in the universe. 
Each combination of letters has unique qualities, representing a connection to a specific positive energy.
The undercover experts who studied the Book of Zohar say anyone can connect to those same cosmic energy channels and control their virtues by glancing at the letters. 
Kabbalah teaches that each person carries Divinity within, and we can work miracles when we connect to our inner powers. 
These letters are implements to be used towards that endeavor.

אלד - The Power of Protection from the evil eye
Kabbalist attributes much of everyday misfortunes to the evil eye.
These letters form a shied of positive energy to protect us from any evil others may inflict on us or any evil we may wish on others.

'Ben Porat Yosef, Ben Porat Aley Ayin, Zaada Aley Shor' - Genesis 49:22
This well-known phrase is a part of Yaacov's blessing for Yosef, his son.
 Before Jacob died, he gave Joseph his traditional blessing for Protection against the evil eye.
 Yosef is acknowledged as the person on whom Ayin HaRa (the Evil Eye) has no effect.
Several observers explain this without any mysticism: Yosef's weapon against Ayin HaRa was as easy to use as his keen sight.
 The more complex things are for him, the friendlier and sweeter he becomes to everyone. He always has a positive view of reality and interprets it. Even though it can be challenging to resist the need to exact retribution on individuals, it was stated in the Tanya that we must learn all of this from Yosef to ‘bestow love upon the responsible.’
The Kabbalists believe that most of today's evils are related to the evil eye.
 When a person admires the other person's virtues, he can unknowingly cause him an evil eye.
This blessing is also a talisman for prosperity, fertility, and strength.
 ‘Ben Porat’ denotes the son of a fruitful tree, representing fertility and abundance.
 A spring or a fountain is shown next to ‘Aley Ayin,’ the tree, another representation of longevity and abundance.