Powerful Kabbalistic unisex ring. This ring has a strong presence.
The graphic design on the front has the initials of the powerful prayer of "Ana Bekoach."

Kabbalah teaches that the prayer "Ana Bekoach" and especially the combination of the letters of its acronyms, is an excellent tool for spiritual communication.
According to Kabbalists, the use of this prayer will help us overcome the negative awareness that distracts us from the real purpose of our lives

The ring can be engraved with a personal dedication in the inner part of up to 15 characters with no additional cost.
Please enter your dedicated inscription in notes at checkout.

925 Sterling Silver.

The upper part is approx. 1.1" (28 mm).
The bottom part is 0.29" (7.3 mm) and, therefore, comfortable.
The ring is open and adjustable.

Each piece arrives packaged in a decorative box with a gift bag. 
In the box, I include a card explaining the origin of the engravement on your jewelry piece(s). 

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Collection Women's Jewelry, Men's Jewelry, Personalized engraving, Judaica Jewelry, Bible Verse jewelry, Kabbalah Jewelry, Empowerment,
Catalog Number SDR001K
Material 925 Sterling ,
Warranty Months 24
Type of gems

Ana Bekoach
The most powerful Kabbalah prayer that has existed for about 2000 years.
אנא בכח גדולת ימינך תתיר צרורה    
Helps us create a better reality through awareness by seeing the potential in every situation that crosses our path
קבל רנת עמך שגבנו טהרנו נורא 
Helps us overcome ego and succeed in connecting with the voice of the soul.
נא גבור דורשי יחודך כבבת שמרם              
Helps us connect with the force of plenty and inspires the force of giving.
ברכם טהרם רחמי צדקתך תמיד גמלם           
Willpower and perseverance. Helps us start and end processes successfully.
חסין קדוש ברוב טובך נהל עדתך                                
Helps us see the greater picture and understand that everything happens to us for a reason.
יחיד גאה לעמך פנה זוכרי קדושתך                   
Helps us transcend our nature and connect with the force of angels. Awakens an awareness of global change to give more of oneself to another.
שועתנו קבל ושמע צעקתנו יודע תעלומות          
Renewal and growth

Tags: Women's Jewelry, Men's Jewelry, Personalized engraving, Judaica Jewelry, Bible Verse jewelry, Kabbalah Jewelry, Empowerment,

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